Thursday, April 7, 2016

Zack & Emily // Part 1

I recently took a break from my photo disappearance to photograph my sweet friends, Zack and Emily.  You might remember their Engagement session, and their wedding was even more lovely than their engagement.  These two.  I guess there really are no words to describe just how amazing and perfect these two are.  Well, I guess I can think of one: Flawless. // I failed at missing a massive shout out to my friend, Britney Jay, of relevant+raw, for the last minute awesomeness of second shooting for me and capturing some of my favorite shots that are also featured here.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

This Choice and Her Pain

She's so delicate. Her spirit so fragile.  She's only five and the weight of our choices are heavy for her.  

As a parent, we're constantly making choices that affect the whole.  Some smart, some lacking wisdom.  Some selfish.  Some selfless.  Some little.  Some drastic.   We carry the weight of the repercussion of our choices, but sometimes, it lingers onto the innocent hearts of the little ones we raise. 

Recently we've made a decision that is drastically changing the course of our family.  Our lives from this point on will look nothing the same as it once did.  And this girl, this five year old girl, is in the direct fire of the results of that choice.  It's hard to watch her ride it through.  

I know the pain will lead to a new season of goodness.  There's so much her heart will learn and grow from this time of great heart ache.  This choice of ours, we pray, shapes her into a woman who sees something greater than herself and her own world.  In the meantime, I ache, I hurt, I question, whether our choice was necessary and right because the pain seems too much for her fragile heart to bear.   

As she lays her little head on her pillow pouring her pain through tears as she weeps over the choice we made that has daddy leaving us for a long time, I know this is the perfect time to soak this in and write her a letter- so that when the day comes where this season is all over- we have this- this moment- to look back on.

A Letter To You Joss:
My sweet baby.  I'm sorry this feels too hard to do.  It hurts.  I know, baby girl, it hurts.  But we'll get through this.  It will end.  I promise.  This moment isn't our forever.  So let's do this.  You and me and Joleen.  Lets ride these long nights and these lonely days and lets seek adventure and  make the most of what we've got.  I know this is hard on you and its hard on me to know that you have to go through this in order for your dad and I to get to where we want to be as a family.  

Daughter of mine, we will fail you.  We will mess this thing up.  I wont always hold my strength.  I wont always be what you need me.  But baby girl, I will give everything I have left in me to help you make it out as best as I can.  And with whatever you see, may you just see that what carries me through, is the same thing carrying you in the dark moments.  

Baby girl, may you see Jesus.  May you see that no matter what comes from our new future, that you see we aimed our eyes at our God who loves you so deeply.  I pray, my sweet Joss, that from this you come to find a strength deep within you that you were made to be.  I pray that you rise from this with far more beauty in your soul that no pain could take away.  I pray that you gain eyes for a purpose greater than yourself.  

Precious girl of mine, I pray you are brave and stay true.  This time is just a part of your story growing you into who you are meant to be.

I love you.  To Jesus and back, my girl, I love you!

Your mama.  

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Relevant + Raw

My friend Britney started a custom woodworking shop where she makes these amazing custom wood decor (and furniture pieces if you're local to the SoCal area).  She recently launched her online shop and I couldn't be more amazed at how her hard work turned out.  I already have a few of her pieces but as I've been visually (or more like pinterest) decorating our future home when we finally get one, I've been browsing her new pieces.

I'm a huge fan of her raw style within the collections, but you can also find these pieces come in custom stains.

You can check her online store at and her instagram & facebook.
honeycomb collection via

sign collection via

square collection via
triangle collection via

Monday, October 19, 2015


I have sort of been avoiding Sweet Tea & Co for a while.  I delicately packed up each and every tea cup & saucer and placed them in a storage unit as we wait out this season of "waiting".  Currently my husband is in the Air Force DEP program and leaves December 1st and we wait from now until the end of winter to know what is next for us in terms of location, home, lifestyle, etc.  It's a season I have to really put my dreams in tissue paper and bubble wrap for a while.  

But that's ok.

It's giving me time to really focus in on Sweet Tea & Co, finalize the details and work hard at launching it well (at least I hope).  And I'm believing that in this time of waiting, God's working too.  I've been praying for others who love what I love and live passionately for community to be a part of making Sweet Tea and Co really come to life.

So it may be a while before Sweet Tea & Co really gets to launch itself out there.  It may be a while before all the hard work and late nights of investing in this baby come together.  But I haven't given up on it.  You'll see hints drop from time to time as I get this thing launched.